Dreamspan Product Innovation founded DreamBrands for the sole purpose of marketing several innovative personal care products developed within our research laboratory.

Our headliner, Carrageenan Personal Lubricant, includes a natural extract derived from ocean plant life. DreamBrands has recently expanded its product line to seven strong, all of which address the needs of our rapidly expanding health care market. Unlike the traditional approach, DreamBrands infuses energy, creativity, inspiration and excitement into the new product development process. It's six-step innovation methodology, which it describes as taking a "vision to store shelf" includes: ideation, design, engineering, rapid prototyping, marketing, and business planning.

The Company has assembled a formidable management team with extensive experience in new product development, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and research & development projects. DreamBrands senior executives have spent several years developing and licensing a number of highly innovative and proprietary technologies. They have identified promising products, ingredients and technologies, which can be used to create OTC, medical devices, and cosmeceutical products with distinct competitive advantages. The firm also has become highly proficient at developing products with propriety drug delivery systems.

Dreamspan and DreamBrands are located in Phoenix, AZ.